Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

How to clean your wood stairs

Sometimes, the house stairs don’t receive the treatment that they need and they are underestimated, but something that you need to know is that they need to be cleaned and repaired every time they need to.

Wood stairs are one of the most delicate and need a special cleaning process. Today, we are going to show you, in a very simple way what materials you’ll need and how you have to do it, so pay attention.

For cleaning you exterior wood stairs, the first thing you’ll need to do is sweep off each stair with a broom and then wash all of them with an all-purpose cleaner or any kind of kitchen soap and water. Scrub them with a brush, mop or sponge and dry them with a clean and dry rag.

Your interior wood stairs will need a different cleaning process. First, you’ll need to sweep them and, according to the type of wood and sealant, buy the special cleaner. With a terry cloth or a mop, wipe it all around the wood.

An advice, no matter if you are cleaning your exterior or interior wood stairs, always start from the top and keep going down.

Remember, when you clean your wood stairs often you are prolonging their life and maintaining their beautiful appearance.

Information taken from www.ehow.com

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