Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

How to clean your wood deck

Everyone who enjoys time and BBQs with their families or friends, knows that having the deck clean is one of the most demanding jobs ever and more if they are made of wood, it is not only about sweeping and removing dirt, it requires a deep cleaning that we are going to explain you in a few steps.

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the things you have in your deck: Chairs, couches, BBQs, plants, pottery and everything that could get on your way. Start picking up and putting inside a trash bag all the debris you find there and for the ones that are trapped between the boards, use the slender tool.

When the space is totally clean, use a water spray or a hose with a spray attachment to wash and rinse all the surface, pay special attention to the places that are more dirty or muddied and work harder on them. After doing this, rinse the rest of the deck and do it in the between of each board too.

Prepare a solution of water and some laundry detergent or just a special wood cleaner. Apply this to your deck and start cleaning it with a push broom or a brush, when you finish, rinse it with some water. If you have spots with mildew or grass, we recommend you to use a bleacher and clean those places until they are completely free of these things.

Finally apply sealer to your deck and decorate it as you want.

Information taken from www.doityourself.com

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