Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Clean louvered wood closet doors

If you have louvered closet doors, you know that cleaning them is not an easy task, the spaces between each bar are dust and mold traps and you can’t remove them with a simple rag, twisting it is not a very efficient and simple thing to do.

Louvered wood closet doors are even harder to clean, because they need special products and treatment than a plastic one, so, if you want to stop struggling with this, see the tips we are going to give you.

  1. Wrap a thing rag around a ruler or a knife, do not choose the ones that have a sharp or a point edge, because it will totally ruin the wood and leave unfixable damages.
  2. Spray the rug with polishing oil and start cleaning your louvers.
  3. You’ll have to poke the ruler or knife between each space and clean inside them back and forth, this will remove all the dust, bacteria or mold that is accumulated there. Repeat all the procedure with every louver you have.
  4. For the corners that are hard to reach, use a small paintbrush and spray it with the polishing oil.
  5. Finally, clean the entire door using a special cleaner. Use the rag from the bottom to the top.

We hope that these tips are as useful and simple for your doors to look brand new. Tell us how it went and if you need help repairing your wood closets, call us, we will give you our best job.

Information taken from homeguides.sfgate.com

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