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Clean and take care of your wood floor

Over the time, wood floors start to get damaged and dirty, they brake, get scratches and even gouge. You don’t need to call some specialist to fix these things, there are some techniques that will help you solve the problem, they are easy for you to do it yourself.

For light scratches, you’ll need to apply some acrylic floor polish over them, remember to clean the spot constantly with good and qualified cleaning products because your floor can get darker and a secret tip: Apply elbow grease. You can coat and sand them, it is not required, but if you do it once, you’ll have to repeat the process at least two times a year.

If you have deep scratches and damages, with a small brush or cotton, fill them with a stain that matches the color of your floor and wipe away the material you didn’t use. You can also use some pre-colored latex wood filler and apply it with a plastic knife, use a sand paper to level it with the rest of the space and varnish the spot.

To take care of the floor and avoid these kinds of damages, we suggest you to put some fiber doormats next to all exterior doors, ask your family and guests to remove their shoes when they come inside your house, sweep the floors every day and put on your furniture’s legs some protector pads.

We hope these advices will help you to keep clean and safe your wood floors, remember this is a very important job that you need to do often to keep them for the longest period of time.

Information taken from www.bobvila.com

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