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How to paint your furniture like a professional

There comes a time in which the furniture starts to damage and the paint looks dirty and old, but there’s not enough money to change all the house furniture or people just want to keep their old furniture because they mean something special.

If you need to do get your furniture renewed, today we want to give you some tips about how you can paint it by your own, with simple techniques and materials that can be bought on any hardware store.

If your furniture has drawers then remove them all and mark them with some masking tape on the bottom with the order number. Remove all the things you have on and inside them and store it in a bag.

Remove all the dust from them and sand all the pieces that you are painting, then prime it and let dry. Remember to mask-off the rails of the drawers so they don’t get damaged and for you not to have any trouble putting it back together.

After everything is dry, sand it and clean all the dust again, this is very important for you to remove any raised wood fibers, now, you are ready for painting.

Choose the color that you like the most and that fits with all your rooms style and design, we suggest you to buy oil-based paint, it lasts longer and colors are stronger. Start painting from the top to the bottom for you to fix and cover any possible spots, also, start from the front and start with the horizontal ones.

Remember to paint first the outside and then, the inside. Apply all the coats you need, this depends on the color that you chose and on your own taste, it will be completely dry in 2 or 3 days, after this, put everything back on place.

But remember, if you have any trouble with this or you really want to renew and paint your furniture, we can help you, just call us, we’ll be glad to give you the best advice and our best job.

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