Why K&B Cabinets


Offers a lot of variety of designs, and custom cabinets. During the design you can enjoy the pleasant experience of design, modify and display your kitchen, bathroom, office; Full 3D Design 20/20 before being installed.


The design and manufacturing processes guarantee the functionality of our products.


Our products are manufactured with high quality materials, have UV water based finishes which ensures durability.

About K&B Cabinets

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K & B ART CRAFT CABINETS LLC. It was planned, designed and placed at the service of our customers based on the collection of great ideas and the desire to meet the needs of families, industry and builders We have skilled and knowledgeable about the high quality of our different products, which guarantees satisfaction and service excellence.

We offer a wide range of choices in styles, textures and colors that allow our customers to customize their designs. 100% wooden materials. In our different designs, we find variety of prices which will allow us to adjust to your budget…read more.

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El servicio que prestó K&B superó mis expectativas ....muchas gracias k&b

Alexander Guzman

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